Our mission is to help you take control of your business and maximize returns

We’re passionate about the power of data management to transform your commercial real estate business.

Our goal is simple – working exclusively with stakeholders of the real estate sector, we want to give you the confidence to make better business decisions, driven by data reporting you can trust.

Why bluekern?

Is your focus on developing a strategy that delivers the best value for your investments? Or are your people tied up with approval processes, gathering information and creating reports?

bluekern generates, collects, cleans, sorts and presents your data in an ongoing flow, giving you automated operational and financial reports in real time. Say goodbye to unproductive tasks, silos and delays, and see an immediate return on investment.

Our team members have worked alongside analysts and asset managers in the real estate industry for twenty years, delivering state-of-the art reporting to our clients and investors.

We developed bluekern as a direct response to the pain points we regularly encountered. Our platform completely automates the process of transforming data investment information you can act on.

Harnessing the seismic shifts that have taken place in the technology landscape, bluekern offers an affordable, holistic data management solution.

With specialized experience in hotel management, commercial real estate management and corporate finance, we speak your language. No need to waste precious hours on consulting time for us to understand your needs. And because bluekern follows a SaaS pricing model, we can start the steps to your digital transformation straight away:

Automate data collection and cleaning from your existing tools

Develop custom apps for your internal processes

Perform seamless management accounting

Create dedicated dashboards

Build real-time stakeholder-oriented reporting

Our Values

We’re experts in what we do

We’re a specialist company who only works with clients in real estate. With more than twenty years’ experience in the industry, we understand its unique challenges and demands inside out, so we can apply our data management expertise specifically to your needs.

We’re transparent and trustworthy

We take the mystery out of digital transformation and keep it simple and pain-free. Our costs are transparent and we never try to oversell. We help clients achieve maximum results with minimum disruption, and we’re open and honest about how we work.

We inspire through innovation

Challenging the usual one-off project approach, we see digital transformation as an ongoing, iterative process. We work with you to apply this approach to all aspects of your real-estate business, helping you to identify problems, develop solutions and implement change.

Want to see how bluekern helps you collaborate seamlessly from anywhere?