Data Security: Trusted and Secure Infrastructure

bluekern’s comprehensive set of security tools will keep your data safe and let you manage permissions at an individual level. The platform is based on and offers the same level of security as Microsoft Azure.

Data Quality
Data Encryption
Access Control
Network Security
Threat Protection

bluekern’s flexible permission and access model gives you total control over who can see what information.

Data quality, data protection and data confidentiality are intrinsic to our architecture.

Real time monitoring of platform activity and incidents allow to ensure our ability to serve customers in real time.

Protecting Your Data

With a robust system of data safeguards, security features are built into all our products, services, and infrastructure to protect data at every level.

Data Encryption

All data, at rest and in transit, are automatically encrypted using the strongest block ciphers available. All traffic to workspace endpoints is encrypted and secured in transit by TLS (Transport Level Security) protocols.

Access Control

The bluekern platform supports multiple-layer role-based access control (RBAC), with object-level security, row-level security, column-level security, and dynamic data-masking.


bluekern logs authentication activities for auditing, and configures reports and alerts whenever a suspicious login is attempted.

Network Security

Core network security features include data exfiltration protection, firewall rules, public network access and private endpoints management.

Threat Detection

The platform is constantly monitored against anomalous activities that could be a potential threat to the database. Specifically, it searches for potential SQL injection attacks, anomalous database access and queries, or suspicious database activity.

Audit capabilities

The platform administrator receives end- user
activity logs, alert notifications, details on
incidents, audits reports.