Platform Architecture

bluekern is dedicated to improving the way you manage the relationship between your finance and your operations. You can perform data integration, data exploration, data analytics, AI and machine learning tasks, as well as display and distribute dashboards, all from a single platform. With automated processes and reports, you get fast data production and instant return on investment.


Data Engineering

Collect, control, clean, validate and access data from any source.

Collect structured and semi-structured data from any source

Data is seamlessly loaded, processed, cleaned, and delivered instantly for analysis

Standardize and automate data ingestion in near-real time

Proprietary algorithms automatically clean and validate large amounts of data

Reliable and scalable data pipelines  for batch or continuous data ingestion

Data Lake

Modern data architecture, which make data available across your whole organization, no silo, no funnel effects. One single source of truth.

Instantly and easily access and query all data from one place

Reduce the risks and costs of traditional data sharing

Expand your  serverless infrastructure as it grows or your needs change

Enable direct data exploration with immediate scalability and concurrency

Instantly assess data quality using bluekern proprietary algorithms

Give teams access to live datasets, so there’s never a need to copy, transform and move your data

Data Science
and Application

Accelerate your digital transformation and pave the way to a data-driven company culture by unlocking access to integrated engineered data.

External/Internal data integration (API request, SQL base, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, etc.)

Use the power of integrated analytics engines for large scale data processing

Perform automated data sorting and clustering

Combine and distribute information across your organization from one single source of trusted data

Increase model performance through standardized datasets and benchmarking

Accelerate time-to-insight through business dedicated intelligence and advanced analytics

ML and AI

Complete your end-to-end analytics solution with deep integration of Machine Learning services.

Get access to ML and AI algorithms dedicated to the specific needs of the real estate industry

Run scalable and secure ML inference

The bluekern platform is based on the best, most-used advanced analytics solution

See how core operating functions are performing in near-real time, allowing you to identify and rationalize/act on inefficiencies straight away

Teams and applications can easily access and ingest AI and ML results and make decisions based on data-driven insights

Actionable Insight

Enable managers and investors to make operational decisions and strategic plans by accessing information though data visualization.

Create a data-driven culture with analytics and business intelligence

Provide your team with a single platform for data visualization

Share insights using simple data visualizations and full Excel integration via a single platform for your whole team

Circulate business insights to all stakeholders inside and outside your organization

Access your investment key information and performance anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Access descriptive, prospective, and prescriptive information on your operations and investments in near-real time.

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