bluekern is more than just a digital transformation platform. As you use it to integrate more and more of your business data, your company will develop the digital culture and collective intelligence to become a truly data-driven organization.

You’ll be able to streamline and automate processes at the touch of a button, radically improve communication, and make informed decisions at every step of your real estate investment management process.

bluekern helps you:

Stay a step ahead with near-real time perspectives of your real estate assets that let you act instantly.

Make informed decisions with full view of your investment operations, thanks to bluekern’s ability to process vast amounts of data from multiple sources on a single system.

Provide automatic, comprehensive reports to employees, investors, or any other stakeholder at any time.

Integration solutions

bluekern’s integration solutions mean you can use the platform with virtually any system or data source to collect and process data for immediate or future analysis.

The platform identifies, measures, analyzes, interprets and automatically reports on financial information crossed with operational data and real estate information for immediate ROI.

bluekern currently supports the following integrations:

Property management integrations

bluekern supports the integration of the major property management systems including SAP, Yardi , Immopac, BisonBox, and many others.

Corporate finance integrations

bluekern supports the integration of most e-banking platforms, accounting systems and finance ERP , including  Oracle, Microsoft or Sage.

Asset management integrations

Whether you’re still using Excel, a database or an advance Argus software, bluekern can integrate your budget, historical and forecast data for real time performance reporting.

Third-party applications and bespoke systems

bluekern’s architecture enables a full set of APIs to satisfy other integration needs. These include, but are not limited to, CRM, facility management, database, websites, and business intelligence integrations.

Our mapping service is already compatible with the following systems for seamless integrations for data exchange:

Explore our data management solutions for your industry

Commercial Real Estate

Automatic reporting combining budget, forecast, actuals and performance. Access live KPIs and normative financial information with full drill-through to operational events.

Hotel Management

Access and build live KPIs, enjoy seamless monthly closing and get full drill-through from your standardized financial reports right down to the operational details.


Monitor the cost of your development project by comparing budget, invoices and actual costs in real time, at each stage of construction.

Portfolio Management

Instantly consolidate multi-asset and multi-class portfolios, manage available cash across countries with a 360° view of financings, payables and receivables, and manage multiple risks on a single, comprehensive dashboard.


Automatize accounting processes and translate financial information into actionable insights that improve performance across your departments and maximize returns on your investments.

Corporate & Fund Management

Explore your financial data in multiple currencies in a standardized format, perform instant financial consolidation, manage relationships between legal entities and track investment flows across legal entities.